In order to generate ideas and stimulate projects for the OpenGLAM Working Group, we would like to invite everyone and in particular participans in the Digital Commons, Wikimedia and Open data communities to ask themselves and each other:

  • Is our support for culture adequately facilitated by modern technologies like the Internet? 
  • What should we do to best preserve arts, traditions, experiences for future generations? 
  • How can we use data to link, understand, and make relevant the culture of today and yesterday?
Project ideas, invitations to collaborate and spontaneous code/music/artworks particularly welcomed.

The following upcoming dates will be opportunities to dive into these topics and more:

On November 7-9 the first event in Switzerland is a chance to remix art..with a diverse group of people including art experts and a museum!
On the November 21, we are planning Remix Culture / Open Cultural Data meetup at Dock18.

On February 27 the first event will take place at the National Library, a hackathon focusing on Open Cultural Data with the opportunity to tap into the riches of Swiss heritage institutions and their collections.